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Athlete Identity Crisis - When Your Life's Passion and Life Roles Collide - with Erika Snyder

Athlete Identity Crisis - When Your Life's Passion and Life Roles Collide - with Erika Snyder

A former professional CrossFit athlete shares her struggles and her triumphs

Welcome to the September edition of Performance Edge! This month we are doing things a little differently with a podcast!

Today’s episode was inspired by a session I attended at the Female Athlete Conference in Boston, Massachusetts, where a panel of elite and professional female athletes shared their struggles when their identities as athletes conflicted with their roles as new mothers after giving birth to their first child. This hit home for me personally, as I remember struggling with my own identity as a partner physician in a multi-million dollar medical practice when I had my son 17 years ago.

Whether you are a competitive athlete or high-level professional who has dedicated your life to your sport or career, there may have been times when the very core of your identity clashed with other life roles. In Episode 1 of the Performance Edge Podcast, Erika Snyder discusses her struggles and triumphs while navigating the identity clashes that she encountered throughout her life as a professional athlete, entrepreneur, through the loss of her father, and as a new mother.

Erika is a former professional CrossFit competitor who competed at the CrossFit games with her team in 2011. She and her husband, Sam, own CrossFit One Nation in Needham, Massachusetts. Erika also works as a Health Coach for Wild Health. She is an Executive Leadership Coach for women in the health and fitness industry and she is also a mom to her beautiful son, Max, who turns 1 year old today! Connect with Erika @erika_snyder_ and @fullroe

I hope you enjoy today’s episode!


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